Process Flow
    1.    Cynergy receives the phones
    2.    Handsets are tested and graded
    3.    All of the test pass units get data cleared, entered in inventory dashboard "spreadsheet" and packed to ship.
     4.   All of the fail for any reason units get taken down to parts level.
    5.   Parts are handled in the following value order, inventoried and categorized.     
             1.   Main "logic" boards are tested to the carrier "insurance" level and cleared.   Also , Unlocked if economically feasible.    Boards that can not be cleared are put in a separate inventory dashboard "spreadsheet".   
             2.  LCDs are tested and categorized.    Decision are made on specific model basis.
             3.  Logic boards, flex cables, lcds based on value are tested and graded
             4.  Remainder of small parts are sample tested and over all cosmetic condition is derived.         1-50 ratio   "if we have 200 units , just test 4 of the units small parts sets "cameras speakers etc.    Inventory and  grade.
    6.    After above is done.    All gets placed on a web portal and market is tested via email both as parts and whole.     Depending on price of the parts to complete or not product will be sold, held or finished.   
    7.    Either expenses and profit are shared or Cynergy is paid on per unit basis.
        The goal is to allocate a specific process and a fair amount of consistent ongoing business.    Process flow will change as the market evolves.