Welcome to Flex Cables.com   

    We provide true valuation for surplus and obsolete electronic products integrating environmentally conscious recycling services with a zero landfill salvage recovery solutions provider, supporting reverse logistics technologies in the electronics industry.

Understanding that every customer has a unique salvage end of life standards, we tailor the right solutions to fit your needs. 

Solutions   Our value added processing techniques are supported by a first-class technical staff continuously demonstrating innovative solutions for safe handling and disposal of salvage assets. We are committed to your growth and aim to support your needs with the tools and flexible disposal services that your business demands providing maximum value for salvage purchases.


Environmental Integrity

Our specialties are driven by an unwavering commitment to purchase salvage assets and partner with customers ensuring safe disposal and adherence to corporate and industry standards better than any other providers from the start. Understanding that every customer has unique salvage and end of life standards, we tailor the right solutions with clearly defined process flows and audit trails driving every step of our operations.


Complementing our service solutions, our Recovery Network Centers that are certified by our group provides a broad range of salvage services and increased capacity aligned to address emergency needs and volume demands. Our growing network of qualified partners, allies and associates translates to valuable resources for your company.